Mold Parts Manufacturing China

At UMM, the manufacture of mold parts is one of our main services. We have an independent shop that manufactures global orders for all precision mold parts. This shop works very fast and has imported advanced machinery to make high quality mold parts.

What parts do we make ?

UMM manufactures precision mold parts including core and cavity, slides, lifters, inserts, electrodes, pins, and more.

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Our Tolerance

UMM has advanced machines that most of them are imported from Japan, United States and Germany. The machines cover the all necessary machines for tool making. The machines include: CNC milling, CNC copper carving, EDM, W-EDM, milling, grinder, lathe, CMM, etc. The mold tolerance is under +/-0.01mm.

All mold parts are inspected strictly by CMM and make dimension measurement report. We make sure each mold part are inside the tolerance before shipping.

mald parts manufacturing China