Plastic Injection Molding

UMM Plastics’s experience in Plastic Injection Molding is well recognized and highly sought after. Our ability to recommend the right type of plastic for the job is often critical in the process of producing your products, and we are confident based on our knowledge gained through our many years in the Plastic Molding industry. Our molding department’s facilities are modern and innovative, with auxiliary machines and robots utilized to maximize production efficiency.

UMM Molding Dept operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with over 15 injection molding machines with a clamp tonnage of 100 to 450 tons. This gives us the ability to mold items weighing up to 1300 grams precisely and efficiently. UMM have processed a variety of materials, including ABS, PP, PVC, PPS, PC, PC GF15, PMMA, POM, PA6/PA66, PA66 GF30, TPU, PBT, etc.

Using the latest state of the China best Haitian Injection Molding Machines, which have a reputation for high quality and reliability, we are able to offer flexibility and versatility to fulfill your urgent requirements. The team at UMM Plastics conducts QA testing and monitoring of product quality throughout production runs to ensure the highest quality of supplied products

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